Boy Wonder (1958-1963)
The Hermit (1963-1979)
Fury for Painting (1980-1989)
Visson - Public Person (1991-1998)
Visson Returns to his Roots in a Luxury Hotel (1998-2007)

Fury for Painting (1980-1989),




Visson in the artistic press:

Press clippings

24 HEURES, 3 September 1980, 3 September 1980, André Kuenzi

“We’re in the presence of a powerfully expressive work, which embodies all the anguish and intense emotion of the artist.”

TAGES-ANZEIGER, 5 July 1982, Peter Killer

« Aggressivität äussert sich in Vissons Kunst meist in passiver Form. Nämlich als erfahrens Leid, als Traurigkeit. »

“Aggressivity expresses itself in the work of Visson especially in its passive form.  That is, as much in inner pain and sorrow.”

NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG, Zurich, 26 juin 1982

« Wenn Visson intensive malt, enthält er sich jeglicher Nahrung und gerät dadurch in einen euphorischen Zustand, der hypnotische Kräfte, visionäre Erscheinungen entwickelt, eine Wirkung, die der von Drogen gleichkommt, sagt M. Thévoz. »

“When Visson paints in an intensive way, he abstains from all nourishment and thus puts himself into a euphoric state, liberating hypnotic forces and visionary apparitions—a state close to that engendered by drugs, according to Mr. Thévoz (Director Emeritus of the Collection of Art Brut, Lausanne).”

GAZETTE DE LAUSANNE, 20 September 1985, Bernard-Paul Cruchet

“Simplifying his faces till they are reduced to gazes, Philippe Visson manages to paint our consciences (…)

Such is the power of this painting, both flung and ripped out, that testifies to the artist’s aspiration towards a world in which faces would be able to finally smile…”

LE MATIN, 21 February 1988, Françoise Jaunin

“…the anonymous and hallucinated faces of Visson [are] flung out in vehement strokes like a frenzied dance of particles that come, if but for a moment, to take human form.


In 1979, after having produced a large period of painting in America, Visson and his mother return to Switzerland.  They establish themselves along the Lake of Geneva on her small pension, and Visson begins painting and showing again.  They go to America only to close their apartment, but Visson’s mother falls ill and dies there.  He nurses her and misses his one-man show in the Aargauer State Art Museum.  He returns one month after her death with the woman who will become his wife and her daughter.  They come for several weeks, with few funds and no permits, to settle a lawsuit between two galleries, and end up staying.  They eventually settle in Les Paccots, Fribourg.  Visson begins a long period of painting and showing, living only from the sale of his art.  In 1988, he paints live on Swiss television a panel of 3 by 5 meters.  He’ll paint 3000 works in those years. 

Image gallery :

The Lust for Painting

Principle exhibitions:

Lausanne, State Museum of Fine Arts, «Philippe Visson, A Meeting With», 25 August through 7 September, SWITZERLAND
Zurich, State Museum of Fine Arts, 15 February – 7 avril, « Schweizer museen Sammeln Aktuelle Schweizer Kunst » ; et Lausanne, State Museum of Fine Arts, 25 April – 15 June, « Les Musées Suisses collectionnent l’art actuel en Suisse » (“Swiss Museums Collecting Current Art in Switzerland”, SWITZERLAND
Aarau, State Museum of Fine Arts, one-man show, 11 June au 18 July, text by M. Thévoz, SWITZERLAND
Aarau, State Museum of Fine Arts, 29 January au 4 March, “Collections of 20th Century Art, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, State Museum of Fine Arts, “Recent Acquisitions”, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, Collection de l’art brut, Château de Beaulieu, “New Invention”, February,  SWITZERLAND