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One-Man Shows

Paris, Galerie Craven, 6 to 14 December (text in the catalogue by André Haas), FRANCE
New York, Milch Gallery, 4 to 23 May, USA
Monte-Carlo, Galerie Rauch, 1 to 15 August, MONACO
Geneva, Galerie Georges Moos, 15 to 24 September, SWITZERLAND
New York, Maison Française, New York University, 22 March to 14 April, USA
Geneva, Galerie Motte, 1 to 18 February (texts by René Berger, and by Marcel Brion of the French Academy), SWITZERLAND
Epalinges, Town Hall, "Paintings", 11 to 23 March, SWITZERLAND
Epalinges, Galerie Wiebenga, "Blanc et Noir", 12 to 23 March, SWITZERLAND
La Chaux-de-Fonds, Club 44, "Paintings and drawings", 15 april to 5 May, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, Palais de Beaulieu, Dental Congress, 25 to 28 May, SWITZERLAND
Paris, private presentation for the fifteen anniversary of first showing, Hôtel Plaza Athénée, 5 to 6 December, FRANCE
Santa Barbara, Brooks Institute, Brooks Gallery of the Arts, 24 February to 2 March, California, USA
Provo, Museum of Fine Arts, Brigham Young University, Utah, USA
Chexbres, Galerie Plexus, 12 February to 29 mars (extracts of text by Michel Thévoz from"Outside" in the catalogue), SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, State Fine Arts Museum, "Philippe Visson, A Meeting with", 25 August to 7 September, SWITZERLAND
Geneva, Galerie Kara, 16 October to 13 December, Paintings-Drawings, SWITZERLAND
La Chaux-de-Fonds, Club 44, Lithographs and Gouaches, presentation by Raymond Droz, 8 to 30 May (text by André Kuenzi), SWITZERLAND
Nyon, Galerie de l'Atelier, later the Galerie Fischlin, "Visson, Visages et Landscapes", 4 September to 4 October, (extract of text by Marcel Brion of the French Academy in the catalogue), SWITZERLAND
Aarau, State Fine Arts Museum, 11 June to 18 July, test de Michel Thévoz, SWITZERLAND
Dorigny, University of Lausanne, debut February to 22 avril, SWITZERLAND
Nyon, Galerie Fischlin, "Visages", 28 August to 29 September, SWITZERLAND
Petit-Cortaillod, Galerie Jonas, "Dé-visages", 7 September to 6 October, SWITZERLAND
Zell, Galerie Priska Meier, 9 October to 24 November, SWITZERLAND
Zurich, Galerie a 16, 1 to 21 November, SWITZERLAND
Zurich, Galerie Ursual Siegenthaler, 1 to 20 December, SWITZERLAND
Genève, Galerie Kara, "Paintings-Drawings", 19 June to 30 August, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, Collection de l’Art brut, debut January to 29 May, SWITZERLAND
Nyon, Galerie Fischlin, "Philippe Visson", 5 to 30 October, SWITZERLAND
Zurich, Galerie Susi Brunner, December, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, Galerie Basta, "Live Painting", SWITZERLAND
Neuchâtel, Galerie Maison des Jeunes, "Philippe Visson", February to 23 March, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, Galerie Basta, "Anti-portraits", 20 October to 18 November, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, Galerie Point, 29 May to 16 June, SWITZERLAND
Geneva, Galerie Fischlin, "Paintings", 31 Miy to 30 June, SWITZERLAND
Dorigny, State Library and University of Lausanne, "For the Love of Art, Assia Visson-Rubinstein et the 'Gazette des Beaux-Arts', 1930-1960, 14 June to 8 July, at the Grange of Dorigny, with catalogue, texts of Sylvia Kimmeier, Danielle Mincio, Marianne Bovay and Véronique Mauron, SWITZERLAND
Petit-Cortiallod, Galerie Jonas, "Big Formats", 1 to 30 September, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, Galerie Basta, "Totems", 12 October to 10 November, SWITZERLAND
Geneva, Galerie Kara, 26 September to 2 November, SWITZERLAND
Neuchâtel, Maison des Jeunes, "Cut-Outs", 30 November to 22 December, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, Galerie Filambule, "The Overcoats of Visson", 29 November to 18 January, SWITZERLAND
Montreux, Galerie du Marché, 6 to 30 November, SWITZERLAND
Genève, Galerie Elit Arte, 29 May to 13 June, SWITZERLAND
Montreux, Roman Mayer Jewelry, "The Jokers of Visson in Gold and Silver", 9 December to 15 January, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, Galerie Parti Pris, 14 May to 23 June, SWITZERLAND
Zurich, Galerie Arteba, 2 June to 8 July, SWITZERLAND
Montreux, Auditorium Stravinski, Poster for the Music Festival ofVevey-Montreux, and Show in favor of the SVPA, 29 August to 17 September, SWITZERLAND
Montreux, Galerie Art Top, "Philippe Visson", 4 September to 9 October, SWITZERLAND
Lausanne, Galerie Catherine Niederhauser, Beau-Rivage Palace, Galerie des Arcades, bénéfices pour la SVPA, 25 mars – 29 avril, SUISSE
Lausanne, Galerie Parti Pris, « Visson, Quarante ans de Peinture », 2 – 30 avril, SUISSE
Lausanne, CHUV, Centre Hospitalier de l’Universitaire vaudoise, 14 avril – 7 mai, SUISSE
Lausanne, Galerie l’Art à la Source, dans le cadre de la Fondation Visson, février – mars, SUISSE
Lausanne, CHUV, Centre hospitalier Universitaire Vaudoise, dans le cadre de la Fondation Visson, SUISSE
Vevey, The Ferrari Art Gallery, 14 mars – 20 avril (prolongé), SUISSE